Occasionally, I will create something I know is truly special. People will tell me, "this piece belongs in a museum!" I'm humbled and grateful. I've started a collection of fine art pieces.


I grew up in the mountians of Northeast India far away from any beach or ocean. I didn't see the ocean until I was out of college. Now, I've stood on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I love the enormous & powerful beauty of the ocean. Epoxy Resin allows me to capture a little of the ocean, bottle it up, and bring it into people's homes around the world. The ocean is only the beginning.


When Covid-19 shut down the world I decided to pick-up a paint bush. I watched a few Bob Ross videos and away it went. The more I painted the more creative I became. At first I had no idea if my art would ever sell. As I painted, I developed a series called "Chase Your Dreams" with splashes of color. This expressed my own inner passion to chase my own dreams. Now it's my inspiration to all my customers.


String art takes a lot of tedious time and attention. It will force you to be patient. It does not allow you to work fast. You can work for hours only to see you have a long way to go. It requires so much detail. A single nail or strand of string looks like nothing, but together hundreds of nails and stands turn into a masterpiece.


My life is a mix of pain and purpose, ugly and beauty, and hard and joyful. No doubt your life is too. My feather art collection offers a 3D element of feathers affixed to canvas. Some are black. Some are white. Some have gold. Others have diamonds. All offer a glimpse of angel wings. It's a continuation of my heart beat to rise out of the pain into God;s glory.