Together, Let’s Make Your World Beautiful

Art With A purpose

original art by justin

Morrisville, North carolina


A portion of the proceeds used to empower children in India with education, a brighter future, and a hope.

My clients

Crossing the Global

Find my art in the biggest cities and smallest rural areas of the world. From North Carolina to California, Mumbai to Manipur, Asia to North America my art is brighten the globe.


Is it real or is it abstract? Look close or enjoy from a distance. As long as you like it I am thankful. Happy. Blessed.

I'm living proof no one should ever stop chasing their dreams! I have no formal education in drawing, painting, or the arts. All I had was a dream. That dream fuels a fight within me to learn. I constantly watch videos. I train myself. I take risk. I try. I get better. Every piece of art starts with a dream. Every display of my art continues with gratitude. Never stop dreaming. Your dreams will take you beyond your education, access, and financial means.

Justin Keishing
Arts by Justin


Tell me the size and your choice of color. Commission me for your custom art project.

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