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From Dream to Canvas: The Inspiring Story Behind Chase Your Dream Series

From Dream to Canvas: The Inspiring Story Behind Chase Your Dream Series

Let’s talk about Justin’s “Chase Your Dream” series.


Painting, as a form of artistic expression, is a powerful medium through which artists can demonstrate their technical proficiency and creative brilliance. Artists display their skill and make an everlasting stamp on the canvas through their brushwork, color interplay, and thorough use of numerous techniques.


Furthermore, artists use a variety of techniques and approaches, each of which is unique to their artistic voice. Some may prefer impressionism, conveying a moment’s essence and transitory character with bright brushstrokes and intriguing patterns. Abstract artists may use dramatic gestures and experimental techniques to entice viewers to analyze and interact with their work on a more reflective level.


Artist Justin Keishing wields paintbrushes like a magic wand. He can transform a blank canvas into a captivating world of color, emotion, and imagination. He showcases his unique skill and artistic vision with each stroke, inviting viewers into a realm where stories unfold and emotions are expressed without uttering a single word.


In all his artwork, he embarks on a journey that transcends visual representation. He pours his heart and soul onto the canvas, with brush and paint acting as extensions of his inner essence. Each stroke reflects years of effort, experimentation, and ongoing learning, and becomes a tribute to his mastery of the medium, just like what you can see in his Chase Your Dream series.


Why Chase Your Dreams Series?

The “Chase Your Dream” series of paintings is a collection that showcases Justin’s use of both brush and palette knife techniques on stretched canvas. The artworks incorporate vibrant splashes of acrylic paint, creating a dynamic and energetic style. The series features various characters, including animals, musicians, athletes, and emergency services personnel, each portrayed with lively bursts of color.


If you visit his Etsy page, there’s a wide selection for the Chase Your Dream series; there’s snowboarding, skateboarding, basketball, dogs in the car, a road trip with dogs, performer, german shepherd, and footballer to name a few. It’s a good mixture of everything that can reach people from different walks of life and stature.


The paintings in this series aim to explore themes of inspiration, ambition, and determination. They capture individuals pursuing their passions, striving to achieve their goals, and overcoming obstacles. Some artworks may take a more abstract approach, utilizing color and texture to convey a sense of energy and motion.


What makes this series particularly special is Justin’s personal journey. Despite lacking formal education in drawing, painting, or the arts, he is living proof that one should never stop chasing their dreams. The artist’s own dream serves as a driving force, igniting a relentless desire to learn and improve. Through watching videos, self-training, taking risks, and pushing boundaries, he has embarked on a journey of artistic growth and self-discovery.


He leaves a physical and symbolic trail of his journey with every brushstroke. His artworks are a tribute to his development, growth, and persistent dedication to his craft. Each painting is a chapter in his artistic narrative, a glimpse into his world. A perfect example would be AIR, a potrait of a slam dunk in his latest creation in the Chase Your Dreams series, which depicts basketball players reminding us that anything is possible when we chase our dreams. So just keep jumping long enough, and eventually, you’ll be soaring in the AIR.


Every artwork in the “Chase Your Dream” series is rooted in a dream, which is why he named it as such, and it carries such a fitting name. It all starts with a dream; you just need to pursue and keep chasing it. This series is a testament to Justin as an artist and to his belief that anyone can pursue their dreams and make them a reality with determination and a passion for learning. Every piece of art starts with a dream. And every display of his art continues with gratitude.


Beyond technical talent, Justin can intuitively blend personal experiences, emotions, and societal commentary into his artworks. This is evident in the Chase Your Dream series. He is a storyteller who uses his art to tell stories, provoke discussion, and spark debate. He creates visual languages that communicate powerfully with viewers, crossing linguistic and cultural barriers, using symbolism, metaphor, and visual storytelling.


So, while you look at a painting, take a moment to appreciate the artist’s expertise and dream. Witness the technical mastery, daring choices, and artistic vision that make the artwork come to life. Artists mesmerize, challenge, and give us a glimpse into their fascinating universe through their talent and unlimited imagination.

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